Art of the Fellowhsip of the Ring

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Image of Art of the Fellowhsip of the Ring.

Author: Gary Russell
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780007135639
ISBN: 0007135637
Imprint/Brand: Tolkien
Release Date: 23 Aug 2002
Format: Hardcover
Series: Lord of the Rings
Number of Pages: 192
Price $AUD: $70.00
Categories: Fantasy
Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth

The definitive guide to the design of the movie, with over 500 illustrations. With complete access to artwork created over a five - year period, this authoritative and insightful book illustrates the creative development of The Fellowship of the Ring. This official book contains over 500 exclusive images: from the earliest pencil sketches and conceptual drawings to magnificent paintings that shaped the look of the film. Contributing artists include John Howe and Alan Lee: artists who have inspired Peter Jackson's vision of Middle - earth and worked with him to bring the trilogy to the big screen. Peter Jackson is among twelve contributors who explain the background to the images. The book covers the opening sequence, locations, costumes, armoury and creatures. The artists who created all of these diverse elements explain how they contributed to the development of the film. As well as the wealth of artwork there are also photographs showing the realisation of the creative process and some stills from the film.

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