Dinosaur Summer

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Author: Greg Bear
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780006483670
ISBN: 0006483674
Imprint/Brand: Harper
Format: A Paperback
Series: Lost World 02
Price $AUD: $15.95
Categories: Book
Science Fiction

A Vast range of giant reptiles thought to have been extinct sinced the Mesozoic have in fact survived in isolation for seventy million years on the hidden plateau of El Grande, Venezuela. Professor Challenger found their lost world - 'the rotting tropical regions of Hell'.
Creatures of legend were brought north as circus exhibits - caged, and of only passing interest. Fifty years and two world wars later, Lothar Gluck's Dinosaur circus is the last of its kind. Dinosaur Summer is the amazing story of the return of the prehistoric beasts to their ancestral world, to Venezuela and freedom. Lothar Gluck is taking his dinosaurs home.

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