DW: 5" Wave 1 Assortment from 11th Series

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Image of DW: 5" Wave 1 Assortment from 11th Series.

Barcode/ISBN13: 5029736034153
Imprint/Brand: Character Group
Format: Figurine
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Categories: Doctor Who
Television and Film Related
Science Fiction

Dr. Who - 5" Wave 1 Assortment from 11th Series


Recreate scenes from Doctor Who with these detailed 5" action figures. Featuring The Eleventh Doctor, companion Amy Pond and key villains from the hit TV show. For ages 5 years and over.

* The Eleventh Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver
* Amy Pond
* Weeping Angel (regenerating)
* Hawthorne
* Dalek Drone
* Peter the Winder with Hidden Smiler Face
* Professor Bracewell with Robotic Reveal Chest and Swappable Arm
* Dalek Ironside

Sold individually. Contact us if you only want a particular figurine and we will try but supply is challenging.

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